Bee Doctors

Our Story. 



 Bo Bee,  Graeme Biddle, and I,  have started this bee doctors company  to

 market  a unique skin care product to you. Its 100% natural and low allergic. 


 There products were  developed   by  Bo Bee our  resident  beekeeper

 who developed this  skin care moisturizer  from unique Tasmania Manuka and blue gum eucalyptus

 Beeswax extracts over a  10 year  period constantly improving it to what it is today from constant client feedback. 

 It contains natural oils that absorb into the skin, that do not block your pores.

 I wash my hands so much, it is refreshing  to find such a good long lasting  hand balm

 that actually helps repair your dry skin. 

All my patients love the product so much and I have had outstanding results for

eczema ,dry skin and  dermatitis. 

Some of my patients are sensitive to other creams, and  they say have not reacted to this. 


It has just the right amount of  moisturizer, absorption and barrier,



The cartoon characters  Billy Bee, Bo Bee,  and    Bez Bee  are drawn by

my  art teacher, the famous cartoonist  Graeme Biddle. 

This gives the product  great appeal for  your children and you can tell them the  great story of the healing power

of the bees while  applying the cream.  Or it will evoke memories  of your childhood when your parents

used to treat your skin. 

Try it, you will be  pleasantly surprised. 

100% natural , low allergy.

 Trust me, it works.  

 Dr  Graeme Ah Kit.  MBChB. FRACGP.

Family doctor with over 30 years experience  practicing in Sydney, Australia. 


The magical theBeeDoctors  Beeswax extract is gathered from the most magnificent coastal gums, stringy bark, white gum, spotty gums,  blue gum eucalyptus, from the pristine hives in The Blue Mountains, the NSW South East Coast and also Certified Manuka Beeswax from the Tasmanian  Manuka Bees.

 Bo Bee - BeeKeeper

The Magic of Aussie Beeswax.


Since ancient times, beeswax has been used in cosmetics because of its excellent moisturising and emollient properties. The "father of Medicine", Hippocrates used it to treat burns, wounds and to soothe joint pain. 


When applied to skin, beewax forms a protective barrier. 

Unlike ingredients made from petroleum, beewax doesn't " suffocate" the skin and won't clog pores.


Some ingredients " attract " water, and beeswax is one of them. When you put it on, you attract water

molecules which help hydrate your skin. 

Vitamin A. 

A rich source of Vitamin A, beeswax helps exfoliation and can rejuvenate your skin. Helpful for treating acne.


Recent research shows beeswax inhibits bacteria and fungus.

Used regularly, moisturizers helps reduce skin tears.