100% Pure  Natural ingredients. Low allergy and  Preseverative Free. 



“  Thank you! Your product has given me great relief for my dry sore hands. I have had Skin problems for 20 years. I have tried and failed with steroidal creams and hundreds of potions that claim they will help eradicate my severe Eczema and Dermatitis.

     My hands are finally on the road to recovery. Every day little by little my skin is being nourished by your product. I am soooo happy I ventured  and found this wonderful natural product. Thank you for your holistic natural approach to medicine. God Bless ."



— Julie Allardyce;

Testimonials from  customers who LOVE Beedoctors!


Tanya from Sydney; "This beedoctors balm fixed my eczema in a week, I loved it so much I brought jars for all my daughters."


Lynne from Sydney; "My son reactions to most creams for his eczema, and this Beewax extract is so natural , it the only one that he does not react to."